Thursday, March 4, 2010

rough day....

again the only good thing i can say about it is that i worked out.

work is just getting ridiculous.
not only are we already doing the job of several different people
the company is getting rid of some several thousand employees and giving us the work load.
on top of that...
the only person in my team between 5pm and 10pm is none other than me.
since pay predetermined by the union contract, i'm not getting paid to do 3 jobs at once.
the fact is completely ignored.
on top of ALL that.
the company refuses to change my status from part-time to full-time even though i work 40 hours a week and sometimes do required overtime.
of course, more work does mean job security, but even that isn't worth it when you're being abused.

today Ashley Rice messaged me
i still don't understand how the simple fact that she's pregnant doesn't make her realize she probably should reconsider doing so.
both her and her mother sent me friend requests on facebook today
as if she suddenly cares about what happens in my life
i wonder what the father of that kid would think if he knew how attached me and her are.
i won't spite the kid regardless of anything
if i happen to be a part of them someday i'll just let them know what i know now.

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