Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the magnet motor

so far i have confirmed many of the observations provided by people who were looking into working with magnets.
while playing with the make shift rotor i made, i found out the arrangement of the magnets can't just be approximated. It has to be exact.
i have 12 1/2 inch diameter magnets with 7 lbs push/pull force. the north pole facing out on the stack of cds.
and then, i'm using several 1 inch diameter magnets stacked on top of each other as a "push magnet". each one of the has about 14 lbs push/pull force. i'm calculating about 70 lbs of push/pull force total with them.
with the current arrangement some sort of magnetic flux is being caused with the spacing of the 1/2 inch magnets. the push magnet is getting stuck on it and then the rotor doesn't move.
i'm taking this information for what it is since i had to experience it eventually.

there are not so great news for my bank account.
more exact mesaurements means more money on materials and tools
i guess that's fine but ugh.....
this whole week will be dedicated to playing with the magnets a little bit more before i commit them to one specific project.
as of Sunday i will begin to gather materials for what will become a Bedini motor.
the task seems a bit daunting since i have no experience making complex circuits.
much less a circuit which violates everything they taught me in class.

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