Wednesday, March 3, 2010

laundry day

why can't laundry just do itself...

today felt very long.
the only good thing out of it was that i was able to finally work out after a few days of being sick. 4 miles felt like nothing! i'm probably going to do it again tomorrow rather than just 3.
i've quite a bit to do before i sleep though.
cleaning my kitchen and my room is not going to be fun.
seeing a mess kind of makes me annoyed at myself.
i don't want to go back to living like when i did too much xanax.
at least that part of it is a good feeling, i actually care nowadays.

Ellen texted me and asked me how my day was going.
that definitely made it bearable.
gaah she's just all kinds of great.

ugh, two hours of training.
usually it's fun to do.
but they crammed too much material all at once.
my head hurt.

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