Friday, January 29, 2010

so that was kind of neat

I was in class today and our instructor went just a little bit into sacred geometry.
That was exciting!
If anybody in that class didn't know the concept, at least now they do.

random thoughts...
I am still full from lunch.
I can't wait to get home and work out, gonna see how fast i can run 2 miles.
Jason's Deli's salad bar is awesome.
The shirt i'm wearing smells because it was not included in my last laundry load.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pregnant women.....

Yup, it was it was my idea you decided to go off with another guy.
It was my idea for you to get pregnant with his kid.
It was my idea you decided to break it off with him.
It was my idea for you to message me again to talk about it.
what do you want now?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As of today i have moved everything that was left at my mom's into the new place!
I am here to stay until this lease is over!

Earlier i went to my friend Dustin's apartment. He had asked me hack the internet in his apartment. It turned out all the good connections were WPA encrypted. A bummer for him but it's great to know people are finally figuring out that WEP is too risky to use.
After that ordeal we had to pick up his phone from his parent's house.
While we were there i had the chance to talk to her step dad for a while.
He asked me about my background and what kind of work i do.
Of course, i bragged about my background with networking. I'm glad I'm able to give myself random ego boosts for no reason, gets me through the day HA!
After more probing he decided to extend me a job offer.
This is extremely exciting for me. He is willing to refer me to a dream IT position!

I do believe this to be true.
"Luck" is indeed "when preparation meets opportunity".
all of these years of hard work may finally pay off into a job that can get me through college.
the thought of staying a "customer support analyst" makes me shudder.
it's just a fancy way of saying tech support guy.
I think people on their way down like to put titles like that on simple jobs to soften the harsh reality of having ended up where they are.
That would be, working with a 20 something year old that does for fun what they studied for years to get a college degree.
There i go giving myself another ego boost.

I am well prepared for this and i will take the opportunity
lets hope i get lucky soon.

Monday, January 25, 2010


It has been a hectic past few months.
I'm finally doing it. I'm starting all over again.
Things are as they should be for the moment.
Except, I've got court in a week.
At least it is not for something serious.
I did screw up a little bit.
That was not a fun way to find out my insurance company was not deducting money out of a bank account.
How do i not notice money wasn't going missing? well i just never worry about money that's all.
My job just does direct deposit every two weeks and i go about my life without worrying.
That's kind of the point of working hard everyday.

Moving was just like any other move, tiring and annoying!
How does one person amount so much to move in 7 months?
I can imagine how much i would have had to move if i didn't give away stuff from my last apartment.
It might have been a truck load or two.
Now comes the task of organizing everything into a new closet.
Shouldn't be that hard once i stop procrastinating.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

"HE WENT APESHIT!" ~manni's co-worker~

So i was at work today and noticed all of my supervisors were in a weird mode of panic. They all left and did not come back for a while. suddenly, we see cops and firefighters show up. Apparently one of my teammates went ballistic over his job. Heard from several people he had a stand off while trying to kill himself. Maybe he actually did but the supervisors decided to keep it to themselves. The building i work in is pretty big so it'd be easy to keep something like that under wraps.
Poor Chuck though, I'm sure if he's not dead he's definitely not coming back to work as a second chance.
I had a conversation with him about another previous attempt that involved a S.W.A.T team. He seemed calm and casual about it, almost as if he was proud to have caused such a situation.
crazy eh?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

first post

I decided to start posting even before this is checked for a grade. If i don't do it today, I'll forget i had to do it at all.
I'm not quite sure what you're looking for in regards to the format of this.
I've a bad habit of pressing the enter key after most sentences on a blog.
I think it started a while back when i realized all of my sentences start with "I", meaning for myself or just a word that starts with it.
It was meant to get me to notice how annoying the pattern is.
maybe i will do something about it eventually.
what if my grade depended on it? ugh...
I'll just pretend i'm not being graded.

so today, i started school for the semester. let's hope i don't screw up on English 1302 again. We did all of the new class formalities. We were supposed to write a paper about how the class is relevant to my major. Well, i'm definitely sure it is. I just couldn't think of reasons right away.
you want to ask why don't you? yup yup!
Ok, well it has to do with pants.
I was wearing a new pair of jeans today from a store i shop at regularly. I've always known their clothes are not made with the best of fabrics. Today, i found out they have decreased their nylon to denim percentage in jeans. I learned it the hard way. The non-stretchy pant legs cut the circulation to my lower half. The increase in pressure induced a headache i couldn't recover from. definitely one of the most uncomfortable times I've had in a while. I called work, told them i was not coming in.
yes sir, i missed work over non stretchy pants.