Monday, January 25, 2010


It has been a hectic past few months.
I'm finally doing it. I'm starting all over again.
Things are as they should be for the moment.
Except, I've got court in a week.
At least it is not for something serious.
I did screw up a little bit.
That was not a fun way to find out my insurance company was not deducting money out of a bank account.
How do i not notice money wasn't going missing? well i just never worry about money that's all.
My job just does direct deposit every two weeks and i go about my life without worrying.
That's kind of the point of working hard everyday.

Moving was just like any other move, tiring and annoying!
How does one person amount so much to move in 7 months?
I can imagine how much i would have had to move if i didn't give away stuff from my last apartment.
It might have been a truck load or two.
Now comes the task of organizing everything into a new closet.
Shouldn't be that hard once i stop procrastinating.

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