Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As of today i have moved everything that was left at my mom's into the new place!
I am here to stay until this lease is over!

Earlier i went to my friend Dustin's apartment. He had asked me hack the internet in his apartment. It turned out all the good connections were WPA encrypted. A bummer for him but it's great to know people are finally figuring out that WEP is too risky to use.
After that ordeal we had to pick up his phone from his parent's house.
While we were there i had the chance to talk to her step dad for a while.
He asked me about my background and what kind of work i do.
Of course, i bragged about my background with networking. I'm glad I'm able to give myself random ego boosts for no reason, gets me through the day HA!
After more probing he decided to extend me a job offer.
This is extremely exciting for me. He is willing to refer me to a dream IT position!

I do believe this to be true.
"Luck" is indeed "when preparation meets opportunity".
all of these years of hard work may finally pay off into a job that can get me through college.
the thought of staying a "customer support analyst" makes me shudder.
it's just a fancy way of saying tech support guy.
I think people on their way down like to put titles like that on simple jobs to soften the harsh reality of having ended up where they are.
That would be, working with a 20 something year old that does for fun what they studied for years to get a college degree.
There i go giving myself another ego boost.

I am well prepared for this and i will take the opportunity
lets hope i get lucky soon.

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