Wednesday, January 20, 2010

first post

I decided to start posting even before this is checked for a grade. If i don't do it today, I'll forget i had to do it at all.
I'm not quite sure what you're looking for in regards to the format of this.
I've a bad habit of pressing the enter key after most sentences on a blog.
I think it started a while back when i realized all of my sentences start with "I", meaning for myself or just a word that starts with it.
It was meant to get me to notice how annoying the pattern is.
maybe i will do something about it eventually.
what if my grade depended on it? ugh...
I'll just pretend i'm not being graded.

so today, i started school for the semester. let's hope i don't screw up on English 1302 again. We did all of the new class formalities. We were supposed to write a paper about how the class is relevant to my major. Well, i'm definitely sure it is. I just couldn't think of reasons right away.
you want to ask why don't you? yup yup!
Ok, well it has to do with pants.
I was wearing a new pair of jeans today from a store i shop at regularly. I've always known their clothes are not made with the best of fabrics. Today, i found out they have decreased their nylon to denim percentage in jeans. I learned it the hard way. The non-stretchy pant legs cut the circulation to my lower half. The increase in pressure induced a headache i couldn't recover from. definitely one of the most uncomfortable times I've had in a while. I called work, told them i was not coming in.
yes sir, i missed work over non stretchy pants.

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  1. Manni, I'll have to obtain some super tight pants next time I have a test I don't want to take. I wonder if my school cares about showing Camel Tail...