Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i went to the acura dealership on monday
it was a great experience
they let me test drive the car i want
the guy who took me out was just as young as i am
20 something with not much to lose
so we went to the back of the dealership and waited for traffic to clear out
then he told me to floor it, so i did
got to 95mph right before i almost ran out of road to brake
the car drove like a dream
we headed back to the lot and he then took the order for the exact specs of the car i want
when he finds it they are going to call me
so exciting

aside from that i'm a little bit stressed with money matters
even though i do make enough i'm still having to pay for things my family needs, mainly my brother
he needs to get his act together
i've already paid for almost 2 evictions

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