Monday, February 22, 2010

tommorow is going to be interesting

As of now i have gathered enough knowledge to begin my project.
I consider this to be my calling and my passion.
someday we will not be dependent on the grid for electricity.
my goal will be to outfit every home with the device which will dramatically reduce or eliminate their energy costs.
whether it is here in the states or somewhere else.

first projects

- build a known design of a simple eletrolyzer to determine an average of normal Hydrogen output (i will only use my numbers)
- build a prototype to my specifications to try and increase efficiency in output of Hydrogen
- if the first prototype succeeds, build a second BIGGER prototype.

- build a known design and determine the total power output of the device
- build my own prototype of my own design to try and increase efficiency in total power output
- depending on the results adjust to provide steady current to the electrolyzer for extended periods of time.

i'm excited.

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