Tuesday, February 2, 2010

caffeine high!


this probably will be the high point of the day.
drank a whole cup of coffee very fast earlier along with a muffin and a chocolate chip cookie.
it was awesome!
trying to get out of work early to work on my english paper.

the past few days have been kind of interesting.
i have felt much more ok and happier with my situation.
things don't look so bad.
actually, they are looking up in general.

the only thing to wait for now is Valentines Day!
Ellen asked me to hang out that day. I'm definitely looking forward to it. so i might have to get a bit creative for the day. We are going to have a day of doing the things we like the most.
i will type down a basic outline so that i remember.
  • HANG OUT OVERNIGHT FROM FEB 13th ONTO THE 14th - probably just hang with friends and have a few drinks (that's for me). She tends to drink a lot more than me.
  • DRIVE AROUND TO LOUD MUSIC - from denton and maybe drive around white rock.
  • LUNCH AT MAGGIANNO'S - by far one of our favorite restaurants. the mushroom ravioli al forno! GAAAH! DELICIOUS!
  • PLAY VIDEO GAMES - if everyone on Team Nirty Diggers (yup...that's the name of our team) is up for it, we will go play left 4 dead.

when we have fun that's usually the formula. those are just my ideas. she might have a lot more.
i'm going to assume she hasn't changed her mind.
no biggie regardless, i'm all about the "oogle googles".
i'll just look forward to the next time she wants to spend a day together.

i started on this blog earlier today. i forgot at what time.
now it's 1:13 pm and i have to wait til 7pm to be off work.

so there's this tv right in front of my cubicle that has the channel HLN everyday on it.
seriously, that channel is one of the lamest things i've ever seen.
of course, it's great to find out what's going on for the day in regards to news.
but do they really have to loop the same thing over and over and over?
Brangelina, missing people, haiti, clark howard helping people with money problems, the oscars, the grammy's......
then they do it all over again.
these people are making money out of doing this.
oh yeah and the commercials, the TAX MASTER needs to shave his beard.

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