Sunday, February 7, 2010

pleasantly tired

today i picked up Ellen from Denton.
we ate at maggianno's.
it was so delicious.
we then went to fry's eletronics in plano. it was not a fun experience. all i wanted was more ram for my computer. after asking for help the sales rep pointed at another rep and the request was ignored. i stood there for about 5 minutes and gave up. i took my business to microcenter instead. i bought 2GB's of ram and a microsd card for my phone.
this is exciting because i can finally resume documenting my 20 something's
the video camera on my phone is not that great so i'm considering getting another model.
after going to fry's we got starbucks and went to entertainmart and got some movies. I chose the remake of great expectations.
"it's my heart, and it's been broken" gaaaah such a great scene in the movie.
after entertainmart we went to guitar center. the sales person there kept egging me to play the more expensive guitars, so i did. yeah, it's scary playing a 3000 dollar guitar when you have to buy it if you drop it. that thing is worth more than my car!
I took Ellen back to denton while listening to loud music.
in all an ok day i suppose.
i don't know how long i can give her as much attention as i do without wanting to ask her out
if she doesn't make a move soon it'll be so off putting. oh wells....

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