Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the day is way too long!


so i get up. i got to school. i go work out . eat lunch. i go to work
it doesn't seem like much
but man oh man....
and sometimes i have hw but i'm trying to make that an irrelevant value for the moment

things are moving a long and in a positive direction in general.
work - good overall, got a raise and didn't even know about it.
friends - i've been neglecting most of them.i hung out with my friend Mimi and she gave me a mouthful on how i've been ignoring her.

the dealing with girls i like thing is giving me the urge to get it's own post
but to keep the bitching to a minimum let's just paraphrase it in this one
Ellen - the person i relate to the most on any level at the moment. we pretty much have the same values system when it comes to relationships. she has rejected me before and it sucked. now we're both more grown up and she's still one of the most amazing people i know. i'll just do what she wants based on the fact that i like her. hope she decides i'm no so bad after all.

Stephanie - yet another girl i like. this one has a twist. for some reason she intimidates me beyond reason. i really don't understand it. it's like i'm going through puberty all over again when i'm in front of that woman. sheesh. so i'm trying no to smother her because she just got out of a very long relationship. not only that, she lives in another state while she's doing her schooling. though she's moving back i'm afraid she has already "friend zoned" me. well i hope that guy from work is able to treat her better than me, and i don't mean any sarcasm by that. she's a nice person, wish i could get to know more about her.

ok that's as short as i could make it ^^^
moving on...

Family - i haven't talked to anyone in my family recently. i've messaged my sister-in-law on facebook but that's about it. they need to learn to stand on their on and not depend on the fact that i'm extremely giving. if they ask me to do something i just do it. since they don't mind asking, i end up doing everything. well it's time for everyone to stand on their own and not use me. sounds messed up but i love all of them all very much.

roomate - wow, so living with one of your best friends does feel like a never ending sleep over. well technically until the lease is up it feels that way. what's funny is that i don't see michelle much. when i'm coming in she's going out and vice versa. we did have a nice conversation the the other night though. she has helped me out so much. i don't know what i would do without her. drives me around when i need it, picks me up from anywhere when i need it. i had to fake it out and say her cooking sucks. yup, i'm a jerk, but it's only so that she doesn't ever think she has to have a cooked meal everyday. that'd be kind of messed up. i might abuse he requests to cook me some mac & cheese though. the way she makes it is the BEST!

fitness/working out - ok so i am running 3 miles a day for the moment and i have stopped anything having to do with gaining more muscle. i did weight training and p90x for a while. my body is very muscular now but there's a downside. my pudge refuses to go away. i know why though, i sit on ass everyday at work and eat junk, that's it. since i have the mornings free i am doing more cardio and eating healthier meals at home. hope to see some results in about 3 weeks.

i can't think of anything else to type....

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