Friday, May 20, 2011


So i came home from work today and didn't have much to do.
I decided to browse Netflix until i came upon the documentary "Countdown to Zero"
It's about the very real threat of a nuclear bomb detonating due to circumstances other than defense, such as a microchip malfunction, or am improper execution of protocols.
As the title suggests, I began to feel uneasy
A quote told to me by a dear friend came to mind
I shall not name him but it went something like this
"I refuse to be part of something in which the goal is to figure out how to kill more people faster"
It may not be exact but it's how i remember it
A renewed fervor has awakened in me to make free energy work
I believe I have found my life long calling

all of that aside...
i've yet to figure out a specific theme for this blog
i guess it'll just be about ME! yes that is it.
posts will be arranged in a somewhat erratic manner and even when i'm done for that particular day i might come back and edit.
actually, that's what happened to this one......
i will put bold titles for random specific blocks of thought coming out as i type.


  1. I've never seen that documental, I will have to :P

    Blog theme, hmmm... What do you like most?
    Maybe a hobby, something that motivates you to keep posting.

  2. well i used to complain a lot about what happened in my life until i realized my life's actually kind of cool and i shouldn't complain lol.

  3. I guess I'll have to watch that documentary, seems interesting.
    By the way, write blog posts about what you like. :)

  4. Seems like a good documentary, I'll check it out. Thanks!

  5. So how do you plan on achieving free energy?

  6. The first question I have for you is. Are you wasted? If you are it's cool. I think that should be the theme. Something like. "I'm really wasted and here is what I said." That aside... We could destroy ourselves, yet I don't think we are smart enough, someone is, but he is probably a pussy.

  7. @Tg4Fans
    well i'll be honest
    i'm not that smart
    and i probably won't be coming up with something original anytime soon
    but i am striving to become well versed on the subject so that i can help develop it further
    you know it all takes the right people to develop logistics for transition

  8. very good read! im going to be following this well written blog!

  9. Don't let the fear get to you. Nukes are totally safe!

  10. I've managed to find this documentary and I loved every second of it, thank you so much